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Who Do You Think You Are?

Did you know that every experience you’ve ever had can be monetised?  All of the highs and lows have been for a reason.  Every career success and even the rubbish jobs and relationships can be poured in to a thriving business.

You are unique!

Your real job is to be as amazing as you can be at being yourself.  When you claim what’s already rightfully yours; you’ll start getting really excited about work, opportunities arrive serendipitously and you’ll be imbibed with the energy to get anything you want to done.

So, it’s simple.

Together, we get you very clear on what the perfect work is for you. We’ll craft your unique message to the world and we’ll look at how to attract customers (your ideal customers!) in an environment that’s right for you.  I will help you to shine, to polish down the outer layers, until you sparkle.  That’s when you’ll be noticed by exactly the right people.

“The world needs your exclusive experience, talents and filter.  This is your permission to be brilliant, to attract your dream clients and colleagues, to do what you were born to do and to revel in exactly who you are.

How to attract customers, just by being you

I have a range of PR and personal coaching packages to help you to stand in your spotlight.  I will coach you to become a media star, to help you shine, how to attract customers, to launch your own PR campaign or to be one of a select group of business owners who have their media managed for them.

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how to attract customers - testimonial by lisa-listerLyndsey is my go-to woman.  She’ll be your chief business supporter and most importantly, she gets amazing results. She gets me. She’ll get you. That’s her magick power!

Lisa Lister – writer, self-love advocate and spiritual guide-ess dedicated to sharing feminine mastery + badass-ery with gutsy girls.