What’s My Unique Message?


Don’t you just love presents?

Have you found that the more you give; the more you get?

You have a unique gift.  You’ve always had it but perhaps you’ve never noticed it or thought you could use it to create more success in your business?

Your gift is your message and your message is your gift.

Your gift could be making you money and helping others to do the same.

Wouldn’t it be great to find out what’s so special about you so that you can let others know?

Isn’t it time you used your secret powers?

Unearth the treasure that your life and career has delivered to date and pour it in to your business.


You are incredibly special and totally unique – your dream clients should know that too.

Your gift is unique to you and once you unwrap it – you’ll know exactly who you are; what you’re here to do and what to say to let others know about it.

Knowing what you are here to do and say will change and influence every piece of copy you write, how you approach your social media and how you speak to your potential customers. When you are clear on your your gift; your message will be clear, your audience will be clear and it will make all of your work far more fruitful.

So – we’ll speak and together we’ll unwrap your gift so that is so closely linked to who you are and what you want that it will get straight to the heart of the needs of your potential clients.  You’ll love it and they’ll love it and everything will be so much better!

This includes a one and a half hour online or phone coaching session on your message and a follow up note to make sure you’ve got it!

Book here or email me at lyndsey@inspiredpr.co.uk with questions!


brand messaging - sarah-ellis“In 15 years of running a practice, I spent a lot of time, effort and money on advertising and profile raising to get my work out there.  Sadly, not all of it paid off. Many a PR specialist promise a lot but fail to deliver. Not only was Lyndsey a joy to work with, but she helped me to finely hone my message and get clear on my ideal clients. I achieved everything that we set out to do. I began to attract an overflow of clients that were ready to work with me and make changes. Lyndsey helped me take a successful practice up a gear…to super successful!”

Sara Ellis, Healthy Through Hypnosis, London Harley Street