Countdown: Six Months to Stardom!


Let the next six months be life changing!

How would it be if you really started loving who you are?

What impact would it have on your work and every single relationship you have?

Fancy putting a little Marilyn Monroe wiggle in to everything you do?

If you’re still with me, then this is definitely for you!

Six Months to Stardom is your personal path to rediscovering just how fabulous you are!

This is bespoke, one-to-one coaching.

Let’s work together to:

  • uncover your uniqueness.
  • attain your personal goals once and for all!
  • rediscover your zest for life.
  • reveal the real you.
  • stand out and shine!
  • feel comfortable and confident with who you are!


This is bespoke, completely personalised coaching.

This is for you if you:

  • want to make big changes.
  • want to shift the way you see yourself and how others see you.
  • want to see the great things about yourself and stop criticising your ‘flaws’.
  • want to have the confidence to make your mark.
  • want the secret to success! Shhhh!


Secrets to Confidence

My most potent wish is to help you to shine, to feel and be seen as a VIP, to value your importance,your work and your life so that others do too.

I’m your personal development coach – my work is dedicated to you.  We’ll work on your confidence and your growth so that you feel attractive at every level.

I’m so pleased you’re here!

My own route to self-confidence has been CHALLENGING!  I’ve been wrapped up in who I thought I was and smashed through that to find that I was much shinier underneath!

I know that life guides us to certain points and we have to jump off one stepping stone to get to the next one.  Some are bigger leaps than others.  Sometimes we need some support.  That’s where I come in.

I’ve been described as a great sounding board, a cheerleader and a natural coach.  I’ve been featured in the glossiest, quality magazines, newspapers and internet sites. I’m a qualified psychologist and life coach and I’ve spent nearly 20 years engrossed in the art of perception and being noticed.








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I lost my wiggle!

I’ve been there!  I’ve had comparisonitis and I’ve had the ‘who am I’ complex!

Now I know exactly who I am and I LOVE it – and I feel comfortable in my own skin, I live in a way that lights me up, in a non prescribed way that suits me, beautifully AND YOU WILL TOO.




personal development coach“Lyndsey is my go-to woman. She gets me. She’ll get you. That’s her magick power!”

Lisa Lister – writer, self-love advocate and spiritual guide-ess dedicated to sharing feminine mastery + badass-ery with gutsy girls.





Let me be your confidante and lead you on your path to feeling like a VIP.

Be the star you know you are!



Take a look in to the future.  I think you’ll love what you see!

As a VIP client of ‘Six Months to Stardom’ you’ll receive one hour every month for six months of one-to-one personal development coaching, directly with me by phone or video link, to set you firmly on the path to stardom.

You’ll also get my Insider’s Guide to Powerful PR AND my ‘Seven Steps to Stand Out and Shine’ – coming soon!

AND a further FREE 30 minutes call time to be taken in between sessions when you need to feel absolutely amazing!


Take three months of VIP coaching (with the same goodie bag) for £997.

Lyndsey x

P.S.  Feel free to email me at if you’d like to chat about Six Months to Stardom.

P.P.S.  It’s SO your time to shine!

P.P.P.S.  I’ve seen the future, you’re amazing!