I’ll make you a star!


Want to feel amazing?Shine!

Want to attract your dream clients?

Want to uncover your uniqueness?

Want to be a media star?

This is for you if you’re a woman in business, wanting and needing to attract more of your dream work.

You’re a business owner and ‘the face’ of your business.

You know that the way you feel about YOU and your business impacts on its success.

You know that there’s something more out there for you and you are READY to explore!

You know that there is hidden treasure in both your life and business and you are READY to find it!

We’ll do it together.  Let’s go!

Let’s go!

You’ll know what makes you stand out.

You’ll come out with new, enticing products.

You’ll have your unique messaging.

You’ll have a PR plan.

You’ll know how to attract new clients and new people in to your life.

You’ll be treated like the star you are!

You’ll feel like a VIP and you’ll learn to behave that way.





How many more clients do you think you could attract with the right products, the right PR strategy and the right inner and outer sparkle?

How would it affect your life once you realise how important you are – once we buff up your shine?

We’ll spend a FULL, glittering day together in London or the South VIPCoast, UK to focus on the positioning of your business and what you’re REALLY here to say to the world. We’ll look at determining how your business, brand or personal profile should be perceived, what your unique message and who your  audience is and exactly how to reach them. You’ll know how to stand out in business and you’ll know how having more fun and being yourself equates to business success.

We’ll redefine your business offers based on the new you and you’ll leave knowing how you’ll step in to this role.


If you are considering working with Lyndsey, I have 3 words for you: Just do it!
Her coaching for women in business days have to be experienced to be believed. By the end of our time together, I was so, so clear on my messaging, my positioning, what I needed to be speaking about, and who to. It literally blew me away how much we covered during our time together and how much fun we had doing it! This woman is a sheer genius.

Kate Gerry, Coach and Mentor, Kate Gerry Coaching Ltd

Feel like a star!

I want you to know how incredibly special you are. We’ll use intuition, the law of attraction and Hypno Meditation combined with business insight, to unravel any blocks around feeling like a star and we’ll put in place a plan to keep you feeling that way.

You’ll be sent a further Star Report outlining the plans and actions from the day, leaving you to enjoy and be fully present with the creative process.

I’m rolling out the red carpet.

You’ll be treated like a star and we’ll have a fabulous lunch in a glamorous location.

You’ll leave feeling clear and confident about what makes you fantastically unique and how you can weave this magic in to your work in a fun and financially fruitful way.


Who do I think I am?

I’ve had nearly 20 years experience positioning and profiling the most glamorous clients and working to stringent business objectives and powerfully impactful campaigns.  Aside from that, I’ve been to Number 10; I’ve (wo)manhandled the paparazzi; danced the night away with television’s biggest stars; I’ve done champagne launches; eaten chips with both the military at a royal event and a TV chef on Blackpool seafront; dragged a male model round the national magazine houses in a skimpy outfit; taken the media out for the finest PR lunches and have reams of coverage for my favourite clients.

I’ve also been interviewed and featured in The Times, The Telegraph, the BBC, Psychologies, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Soul & Spirit, Natural Health and Essentials magazines among others.

I’m qualified in Public Relations, Life Coaching, Law of Attraction, Psychology and Hypno Meditation and more than that – I’m a woman in business, too!

I know what it feels like to be fierce and fabulous but also what it feels like to be flawed and fearful.  I’ve been to both places.  I know what it takes to turn our attraction dials, right up!

BUT this really is all about YOU!

private-coachingIf you’re working from home, feeling worried about why you’re not being picked; why everyone else seems to be flourishing and you want to put the duvet over your head and sob – then this is your day.

If you feel a bit stagnant or that it’s going OK but you have a niggling sensation that there is more out there – then this is your day.

If you just want to escape and have some fun, somewhere glamorous – then this is your day.

If you want to roll your sleeves up too and work out your new strategy, programmes, media approach and who the NEW YOU is – then this is your day!

This is a magical, intuitive and defining day.

Get ready to find out who you really are – you’re fabulous!

Book by pressing the ‘BUY NOW’ button or email me at lyndsey@inspiredpr.co.uk and we can have a chat to see if this private coaching day is right for you.

Lyndsey x

P.S.  I can’t wait to meet the REAL YOU!