Testimonials for Lyndsey

Claire Snowdon-Darling

“Working with Lyndsey was such a wonderful experience. Our Key Messages session was not only really supportive in helping me to target my message and my USP; it was fun and inspiring.

Lyndsey works so intuitively and she was absolutely spot on in her summary of me and how I shine.

I strongly recommend her and her work.”

Claire Snowdon-Darling



In 15 years of running a practice, I spent a lot of time, effort and money on advertising and profile raising to get my work out there.  Sadly, not all of it paid off. Many a PR specialist promise a lot but fail to deliver. Not only was Lyndsey a joy to work with, PR specialist - testimonial by Sarah Ellisbut she helped me to finely hone my message and get clear on my ideal clients. I achieved everything that we set out to do. I began to attract an overflow of clients that were ready to work with me and make changes. Lyndsey helped me take a successful practice up a gear…to super successful!

Sara Ellis, Healthy Through Hypnosis, London Harley Street


PR specialist - testimonial by Sarupa ShahI always knew PR was a way to go for me and my business however finding someone to work with was daunting…and then I met Lyndsey at an event I was speaking at. It was love at first sight. My business was doing great, but I needed some exciting opportunities and to fulfill some desires of being noticed and out there more.

When I started working with Lyndsey the results and opportunities were instant and perfect. It really gave me the confidence with PR and being in offline ‘proper old school’ media. I recommend you talk to Lyndsey and I suspect you will be wowed as I was and your business will thank you too!

Sarupa Shah

PR specialist - testimonial by Grace-kelly“Working with Lyndsey has been such fun, she exudes joy and confidence and was not afraid to take on my desires for exposure in high-end magazines, not only did she connect me to front row seats at London Fashion Weekend and an interview with Sunday Times Style magazine but she also got me a glossy feature in Soul and Spirit magazine which subsequently led to a new client for me and a £3000.00 profit!

If you want to mingle with the stylish elite in the UK and gain credible exposure to grow your business, Lyndsey is the pr specialist for you.”

Grace Kelly, City Girl Confidence,

PR specialist - testimonial by Jemima-Eames---EFT-and-Matrix-Reimprinting

Lyndsey is always spot on as a coach and a PR specialist. She is perceptive, generous, hardworking and seems to have boundless energy! She delivers great work and goes the extra mile. If you want to get yourself and your business out in the world then Lyndsey is the one to get you there!

Jemima Eames, Leading Expert in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

PR specialist - testimonial by lisa-listerLyndsey is my go-to woman.  She’ll be your chief business supporter and most importantly, she gets amazing results. She gets me. She’ll get you. That’s her magick power!

Lisa Lister – writer, self-love advocate and spiritual guide-ess dedicated to sharing feminine mastery + badass-ery with gutsy girls.

PR specialist - testimonial by Suzy Greaves Editor of Psychologies MagazineLyndsey is the real deal – an inspired choice!

Suzy Greaves, Editor in Chief, Psychologies




PR specialist - testimonial by Kate Gerry,

If you are considering working with Lyndsey, I have 3 words for you: Just do it!
Her coaching days have to be experienced to be believed. By the end of our time together, I was so, so clear on my messaging, my positioning, what I needed to be speaking about, and who to. It literally blew me away how much we covered during our time together and how much fun we had doing it! This woman is a sheer genius.

Kate Gerry, Coach and Mentor, Kate Gerry Coaching Ltd

PR specialist - testimonial by Julie-Anne-HartWorking with Lyndsey has been amazing.  On our Star Day, Lyndsey brought together the vital elements for me to transform my business and get my message out to the world.  In just one day, my whole life and business changed. Lyndsey brings with her the gifts of clarity, creativity and care to deliver to you the exact package that you and your business need!

Julie Anne Hart, Empowered Leadership Coach


PR specialist - testimonial by louise-Presley-TurnerWorking with Lyndsey will be the best decision you make!

Louise Presley-Turner, LifeCoach and author of ‘Finding a Future that Fits

PR specialist - testimonial by Nicola HumberI’m flying in my business and have positioned myself as an expert in my field.  Lyndsey is a star!

Nicola Humber, Women’s Wellness Expert,