Could you be a media star? Do you have what it takes?

I love a quiz!  Find out if you’re on your way, have a hidden desire for stardom or you’ve got exactly what it takes, right now.  In fact, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?


I want to be a media star!

Media stardom simply means that you’re embracing the extreme power of PR to tell your story, to position YOU as THE expert in your field and to reach out to the people that need you most – your future customers.

Being a regular in the media spotlight will help you to connect to your audience in a wide reaching way.  You’ll be communicating with people you don’t yet know, people outside of your current networking circles but people who connect to the same vision as you do. They’re on the path that you’re on and they’re looking for someone just like you.  So, make sure they can see you!

That’s what being a media star does.

It also aligns you to certain media brands – ones that carry the same values as you do and speak to the audience that you want to be part of.  It’s exciting!

It’s also a tick in the box, a validation for your existing clients, that you’re the right business for them.  It carries the weight of credibility and it’s the perfect platform for you to explain who you are, what you can do and how your potential customers can reach you.  It’s a shoulder grab of instant clarity and they’ll know if you are right for them.

If you feel that this is the next step for you or you want to expand your business, then you should know that I work in a very unique and bespoke way.  Your campaign and your coaching will be fitted, especially for you, making you feel irresistible, doing work that makes you happy, magnetising dreamy and dynamic clients.

Here’s how you can work with me:

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