Get Clear this January

Hi you!

Happy New Year!

I’m very much feeling the need to get clear, this January.  And, I’m applying this to so many aGet Clear in 2016spects of my life.

I don’t know if you pay any attention to what the planets are up to.  If not – you should look up once in a while – the sparkle is amazing!  Did you see the International Space Station go over on Christmas Eve?  V.exciting.  I waved to Major Tim, so trusting that he saw me!  In any case, I’m aware that currently Mercury is in Retrograde.  I’m not Earth’s biggest expert on this but I do know that it seems to be a great time to revisit old projects – to clear off the ‘ta da’ list and get organised.

That’s what I’m doing.  It seems to be a great way to ease in to the year.  Thanks to how roasty, toasty it’s been; I reckon that Spring is just around the corner so you’d better be ready for all of that awakening.

The other elements that I think that we can get clear on are:

  • what we want to do with 2016 – how we’re going to enjoy it; what we’re going to attract and what we’re going to ditch.
  • who we want to spend our precious time with.
  • what’s important to us and what’s really not.

What would you do if you knew 2016 was your defining year – if the decisions you made this year, were the things that actually happened and life paths that you’d have to stick to? What would you do if you had to choose what you really want, this year – without procrastination; without leaving it up to someone or something else to decide?

Who would you want to work with, play with, learn from and laugh with?

How else can we get clear?

  • Throw out the physical clutter – make room for the good stuff to come in.
  • Feel clearer in your mind by imbibing food and drink that serves your vitality.
  • Stop buying new stuff, new courses, new books even (aggghhhhh – so tricky).

It’s all distraction from being clear.

Just decide what you really want because that assertion has incredible power in it.  That’s how you’ll really change your life.

If you are struggling to get clear on what you want – I’m offering personalised life coaching sessions in 2016 – just £1,000 for 12 one hour sessions or £100 per one hour session.  Email me at to book in and show the world you mean business.

Lyndsey x





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